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Our Legal Obligations

We must make sure that information we collect and use about pupils is in line with the UK GDPR and Data Proection Act. This means that we must have a lawful reason to collect the data, and that if we share that with another organisation or individual we must have a legal basis to do so.

The lawful basis for schools to collect information comes from a variety of sources, such as the Education Act 1996, Regulation 5 of The Education (Information About Individual Pupils) (England) Regulations 2013, Article 6 and Article 9 of the UK GDPR.

Data stored for use of Futures Award

For each student registered on the Futures Award App, the following data is stored:

We do not store any data other than what is listed above. All student data is supplied by the partner schools. Data for each partner school is stored in an isolated database for that school. For each teacher or staff member, we store their name (in addition to their title), but also what classes they administer.

Data Access

Students can access only their own data after log in. Teachers can access the uploaded evidence files of any student in their tutor group or year groups depending on their role. Senior Leaders and Administrators can access the uploaded evidence and check the progress of any student in any year group. Student accounts are accessed using school Google login details. These are managed in house by school IT managers. The host school administrator account holders can access data across all partner schools who use the Futures Award app to ensure the smooth running of the app. The current lead is Matthew Hurford Their access is covered by a data sharing agreement in place between the partner schools. All staff have full DBS clearance. All administrators and processors of the data by Futures Award are subject to confidentiality for all data from all schools who participate. Confidentiality will remain throughout the use of the App. Should a school cease use, data stored will be downloaded, given back to the school and the cloud storage will be deleted. The host school administrator may from time to time collate anonymised data to form metrics around user activity that may form the basis of marketing or communication about the effectiveness of the APP.

Data Processor

We define ‘partner school’ to mean staff and students at a participating school. The schools acknowledge that Woodbrook Vale School is the ‘host’ school and acts as ‘Processor’. The Partner School acts as the ‘Controller’ Futures Award App only creates accounts upon the explicit instruction of the Partner School and with their consent. Evidence in the form of files such as PDFs, MP4s, JPEGs is uploaded by students using the app. These files are reviewed by the partner school’s staff only. Responsibility for monitoring the appropriateness of these submissions remains with the partner school at all times.

Verification of Partner School Accounts

Fair Usage Policy

We reserve the right to either temporarily or permanently suspend the partner school’s accounts in the event that:

Use of Data by Third Parties

Your right to delete stored data and account deletion

How your data is protected

Disaster Recovery Plan

Complaints & the information commissioner office (ICO)

The School Complaints Policy for each school deals with complaints about Data protection issues. There is a right to complain if you feel that data has been shared without consent or lawful authority. You can complain if you have asked to us to erase, rectify, not process data and we have not agreed to your request. Schools will always try to resolve issues on an informal basis, and then through their formal complaints procedure. Please complete the relevant form for the relevant school and they will contact you with more details about the timescale and process. In the UK it is the ICO who has responsibility for safeguarding and enforcing the DPA obligations. Email: Review Helpline: 0303 123 1113 web:

Last Updated on 05/01/2023